The EB-4: How to Immigrate as a Religious Worker

The EB-4 green card category functions differently than many other types of green cards, but it can provide an ideal immigration pathway for qualifying individuals. Today, we’re going to examine the details. The EB-4 is primarily for ministers and religious workers, but it also includes former US government employees, non-US medical school graduates, children who are dependents of a US juvenile court, Iraqi/Afghan Read More

Miami Immigration: Understanding Investment Visas

In 2013, the US issued over 6,000 EB-5 investment visas, a record at the time. This visa, which the Wall Street Journal reports can be used to finance projects from “hotels and casinos to wind farms and frozen-yogurt franchises,” isn’t easy for just anyone to qualify for. It requires an investment of $1 million in a new or recently created business, or a Pilot Program investment of $500,000 in a business in a rural Read More

The Visa Interview: Five Tips for Success

Your visa interview is an important step in the process of immigrating to the United States. In this blog entry, we’re going to offer five tips to help you succeed: 1. Be on time. It definitely makes a bad impression to be late. It could even mean that your application is denied. There are often long lines, so arriving early is always a good idea. Allow plenty of time for traffic and other delays. 2. Bring all Read More

Miami Immigration: Five Immigration Myths Exposed

Last summer Congress was considering reforming immigration. Two men who haven’t always been in political agreement each issued strong statements about the benefits immigration provides. President Obama’s White House said, “America has always been a nation of immigrants, and throughout the nation’s history, immigrants from around the globe have kept our work force vibrant, our businesses on the cutting edge, and Read More

Immigration 101: Don’t Get Burned by Immigration Scams

Ecuadorians in New York couldn’t believe their luck. They were told the US government was going to make green cards available to churches, and a church in Queens was going to be one of the recipients. An immigrant could reserve one of the cards for $8,000. It was a lot of money, but it seemed like a good deal for people desperate to reside and work in the US legally, a good enough deal to justify depleting savings Read More

Miami Immigration: What’s a Student Visa and How Do You Qualify?

Much of the world looks at the US educational system with admiration - particularly the university system. Many parents dream of sending their children to the United States to get an education. But in addition to the costs involved, there are a number of hurdles that must be cleared in order for the student to legally immigrate. A student visa is almost always required - and in this blog entry, we’re going to break Read More

Immigration Law: Basics of Immigrant Work Visas

The rules and regulations regarding non-US citizens living in the US are complicated, but the laws regarding obtaining an immigrant visa (permanent residence) based on employment are especially complex. In this blog entry, we’re going to break down the basics. Work visas require that the employer first file a petition. Only after the petition has been approved is it possible to apply for the work visa. Approximately Read More

Immigrating to the US: Five Pitfalls to Avoid

The process of legally immigrating to the United States is often long and complex. And there are many pitfalls which can trip you up along the way. In this blog entry, we identify five of these common mistakes to avoid: Don’t depend on the government to keep track of your paperwork. Lost and misfiled paperwork is a common problem during the immigration process, so be sure to keep duplicates of everything. Send Read More

Immigration Basics: What’s a Green Card?

One of the primary objectives of this blog is to help our readers make sense of the complicated U.S. immigration system. Today, we’re going to discuss the green card - what it means, who is eligible, how to acquire one, and more. Let’s dive in... A green card signifies that you have the legal right to live and work in the United States. You have most of the rights of a U.S. citizen: you may study, leave the U.S. and Read More

Immigration and Marriage: Part 2

In Part One of this series, we broke down a number of common situations regarding marriage and immigration. Today, we’re going to cover two more common scenarios, as well as provide important information to keep in mind during this process: If you’re married to a U.S. permanent resident and living overseas, the procedure is begun when your spouse living in the U.S. files a visa petition on your behalf. This is often Read More