Miami Immigration: Three Tips for a Smoother “Green Card” Process

Applying for a green card can be complicated, stressful, and intimidating. In order to make the process slightly less difficult, here are three tips to keep in mind:

1. Beware of scams.

It’s sad but true – there are scam artists out there looking to take advantage of immigrants dreaming of a brighter future. Below are several common forms of fraud to watch out for:

Claims that paying a fee will make it more likely that you’ll be chosen in the green card lottery. In actuality, it isn’t possible to improve your chances.

Websites that charge fees for providing forms. There is no fee for government forms.

Websites that offer visas or green cards for a fee. Visas and green cards are only available from the U.S. government.

An email stating that you have won the green card lottery. The government only notifies winners by mail, not email.

Some of these scams simply aim to steal your money, but others also want to steal your identity. Be sure you’re only dealing with legitimate government representatives or lawyers throughout your green card application process. And remember that if “it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

2. Filing properly and avoiding mistakes is the name of the game.  

A green card application requires filling out a number of forms and supplying supporting documentation. It’s critical that everything is filled out correctly. Missing or incorrect information can delay approval or even result in denial. Any document that isn’t in English needs to be translated. And even a minor detail like failing to sign a specific document can lead to significant delays. We highly recommend that you seek the professional guidance of a board-certified immigration lawyer during this process to help you avoid these costly mistakes!

3. Be prepared, expect delays, and don’t leave anything to chance.

The USCIS is swamped and you can expect delays. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for documents to “disappear”, or for correspondence to be lost. Make copies of every document you file, and if you send documents by mail, send them by certified mail with return receipt. Plan in advance so that your required documentation is available before the filing date. And read everything carefully so you know exactly when to file the next piece of paperwork!

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