5 Potential Alternatives to the H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa cap of 65,000 (plus an extra 20,000 for U.S. master’s holders) will soon be reached, and many hopeful immigrants who want to work in the United States will not be able to obtain the visa they need. For those thousands of unlucky individuals that the cap will affect, there may be other […]

4 Ways Employers Commonly Violate the Immigration and Nationality Act

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is a federal law that deals with virtually every aspect of immigration in the United States. In particular, it addresses immigration issues that apply to employment, including visa quotas, hiring requirements and discrimination issues. Employers sometimes do not realize that they have violated the INA in their employment practices. […]

A Brief Introduction to the National Interest Waiver

If you want to apply for permanent residence in the United States, you may be eligible if you fall into one of the employment-based (EB) immigration categories. The EB-2, or second preference visa, is reserved for three types of applicants: those who have an advanced degree; those who demonstrate exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, […]

Immigration for those with Extraordinary Ability: How the EB-1 Category Can Help

For those individuals who are at the top of their fields and would like to continue their work in the United States, the EB-1 Extraordinary Ability immigrant visa category is an attractive immigration option. Designed to help researchers, innovators, artists, scientists, and other outstanding academics immigrate to the U.S., the EB-1 visa is self-sponsored and […]

Immigration and Employment: 6 Tips for Proper I-9 Compliance

With political pressure pushing immigration reform into the national spotlight, employers that neglect one legal issue can turn a profitable company into a financial pit of endless lawsuits. We’re talking about I-9 compliance. Never has the immigration spotlight burned more brightly as it does now on United States employers. U.S. employers need to know what […]