How to Qualify for a Family-Based Green Card

When attempting to qualify for a green card, one of the most popular options is to apply for a family-based green card. There are many ways to obtain a green card in this category, and since you already have family in the United States, you will have an advocate who can help you through the […]

Miami Immigration: Green Card Basics

There are a variety of avenues for getting a green card for US residency. Probably the most common are through employment or through relatives who have US citizenship. Unfortunately, in many categories only a certain number of people receive green cards every year, and there’s a lengthy waiting list. Here is an overview of green […]

Miami Immigration: What Does it Mean to be a “Permanent Resident”?

A permanent resident is an individual who has a green card. Permanent resident cards are commonly called “green cards” because they were initially green. Green cards became so valuable that counterfeiting became a significant problem, and the US government began issuing them in different colors (e.g., pink, white, beige) in order to combat the fraud. […]

Immigration Basics: What’s a Green Card?

One of the primary objectives of this blog is to help our readers make sense of the complicated U.S. immigration system. Today, we’re going to discuss the green card – what it means, who is eligible, how to acquire one, and more. Let’s dive in… A green card signifies that you have the legal right […]

What You Need to Know About the Green Card Lottery Program

If you or your family members are considering immigration to the United States, or are in the midst of the process, you’ve probably heard about the green card lottery program. But if you’re like many people, you may be unclear on exactly what the program is – and what it means for you. Today, we’ll […]